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AG Cores is one of the international leaders
in the field of used auto parts.

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Our core

The main activity of AG Cores is to recover, buy and sell the complete range of products deriving from vehicle scrapping, offering a valuable quality service to its customers and suppliers. The recovery organisation is managed by its Cesena headquarters.

Selected auto parts

We manage over 41,000 parts codes that can also be viewed directly at our headquarters.

Our customers can count on carefully selected and cataloged used auto parts, which ensure total satisfaction in terms of quality.

Our warehouse

The completely covered, over 6,000 square meters warehouse where all the goods coming in and out are stored, ensures that all spare parts are thoroughly protected from any atmospheric damage.

All auto parts

EGR Valves




Power steering

Eletric power steering racks

Manual steering

Hydraulic pumps

Electric hydraulic pumps

EPS Columns



AC compressors

Front brake calipers

Brake calipers

Schock absorver

Diesel VP pumps

Diesel pumps

Drive shafts