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Our history


From the experience of Gobbi Spare Parts comes AG Cores

The world is changing, and with it the needs of a market that needs to be valued and followed with extreme care: to better manage the dense network of customers and to streamline all processes, from evaluation to supply to the collection itself, Gobbi Spare Parts invests in a new, smarter identity that is strongly specialized in the recovery of auto parts.


Gobbi Sandro & c. becomes Gobbi Spare Parts

During the 2000s, Gobbi Sandro & C. began to market catalytic converters, de facto opening a new business unit dedicated to a new customer segment. The internationalisation process became a daily reality which was well embedded in the corporate ecosystem: in 2007, Gobbi Sandro & C. became Gobbi Spare Parts Spa, taking on the identity of a group, which all the different business areas began to refer to: Gobbi Core Dealer and Gobbi Catalysts were therefore born.

To date, Gobbi Spare Parts Spa has grown and now occupies 6,300 square metres indoors and 10,000 square metres outdoors, boasting a worldwide network of buyers and collaborators. Last year it decided to enter the world of Digital Transformation, evolving the sector through the most modern computer technologies.


Gobbi Sandro & C. was born

In 1992 the company took the name of Gobbi Sandro & C., becoming the number one company in the collection of axle shafts, which then underwent an innovative internal processing method before being resold. Industry knowledge, across-the-board vision of market dynamics and automotive technological developments led to expanding the offer, to the reputation of the name and of the corporate credibility, and to a first attempt at internationalisation.

Gobbi Sandro & C. had become an industry benchmark, continuing to strengthen its infrastructures, contacts and qualified staff. Sandro’s son, Andrea, also began to actively collaborate in 1996, devoting himself to research and innovation.


Nello Gobbi founded the Company

In 1965, Nello Gobbi transported differential gears from Rome to northern Italy. This “market” was a new idea that Nello and other industry pioneers were defining, having realised the potential of the sale of spare parts.

Management was based on the carrying capacity of the vehicles, which had to meet the growing demand occurring in the workshops: there was no need to store products during those years, one simply increased the trips thanks to agreements between the parties of the sale.

In the mid 70’s, Nello’s son, Sandro, began to work with his father, taking the initial idea to a further stage; the purchase of a forklift, of transport containers, the acquisition and management of other articles were the first traces of an actual structure which would soon be born.